If you’ve got a corporate event coming up and you’re looking for an entertainer, you might quickly discover that finding the right person isn’t as easy as you’d think it is. There are all kinds of people who advertise corporate entertainment services and while most of them mean well, it’s hard to know whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck unless you’ve already seen them in person.

That’s why it helps to be able to spot the signs of an entertainer who will truly light up your event. Do you want your corporate event to be a boring obligation or do you want it to be a memorable experience that employees will earnestly look forward to? Corporate events are a great way to boost morale and promote positive relationships among your employee, so if you’ve got one coming up, keep an eye out for an entertainer with the following traits!

Easy-Going and Personable

The first thing you want is an entertainer who gets along well with people and makes a good impression. This is important because hiring somebody uptight and difficult can be a risk! First off, this type of relaxed personality ensures that their performance will resonate with people. Secondly, it’s an indicator that they will be easy to work with.

Every corporate entertainer has their own preferences regarding payment, logistical details, and so on. For some, it’s their way or the highway. For others, such as Scotty Wiese, they’re willing to work with you personally and arrange a situation that’s win-win for both parties.

Naturally, it can be hard to discern whether somebody is a people person or not. We encourage you to find videos of the entertainer if possible, and the way they communicate with you can also be a telling indicator. If you’ve got Scotty Wiese in mind, feel free to check out his videos and contact him personally if you want to set something up!

Universal Appeal

With corporate entertainment, you’re generally setting up an event that’s all-inclusive — to everyone in your company, at least. Unless you’ve had an extremely focused hiring process, that most likely means that there is a wide variety of demographics in your workforce.

You may have alternative-minded millennials, church-going family men and women, and folks from different countries and cultures in your ranks. It’s important, then, to hire somebody who has an entertainment style who could please them all! Sure, there are always some bad apples who seem unable to smile no matter the situation, but for the most part, it’s not impossible to find a performer who can appeal to everyone.

For an event that’s open to so many types of people, it could be a mistake hiring a one-trick pony. There are plenty of comedians who are masters at raunchy adult jokes, many entertainers who have an edgy sense of humor that push boundaries. There’s nothing wrong with them, but consider them for private events where you know that everyone would be okay with it!

Scotty Wiese is a master at appealing to people of all ages and lifestyles. He has a wholesome and genuine style that is aimed at helping everyone feel at ease. And if you want a magician at your event, you can bet that his tricks amaze all who are in attendance.

A Variety of Skills

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want when you’re hiring an entertainer. But, when it comes down to it, it’s less of a risk hiring somebody who has a variety of performing talents rather than one niche thing.

First of all, this allows the performer to be adaptable. If they’re falling flat for some reason, they can always change direction to make things more appealing. Secondly, it allows for more flexibility in your event.

Take Scotty Wiese, for instance. If you hire him as a corporate entertainer for your Colorado or Denver event, here are some of the things he can do for you:

Master of Ceremonies: Want a cool and entertaining host to move your event along throughout the night? Scotty is charismatic, comedic, and energetic as an MC and he knows how to adapt to any situation.

Magician and Mentalist: Want an unforgettable magic show that will awe and amaze your employees? This isn’t just marketing speak — Scotty’s magic blows people’s minds, and there are countless testimonials to prove it! Scotty brings a youthful flair to the art of performance magic.

Strolling Entertainer: A strolling entertainer is somebody who walks around the premises and entertains people on an individual basis. Scotty’s go-to method of strolling entertainment comes in the form of clever magic tricks. This is a great way to help people feel comfortable at your event.

Corporate Entertainment in Denver — Or Anywhere Else

Scotty Wiese primarily operates in Colorado, though that hasn’t stopped him from traveling to different states and even countries to perform! If you’re looking for a corporate entertainer, Scotty has everything listed above in spades. Scotty has performed for countless different audiences, from small private parties to high-profile celebrities and everything in between. You won’t regret calling on him for your corporate event. Don’t want to take our word for it? See what Scotty’s clients have said about his performances!

Scotty is ready to be your MC, entertainer, or magician at your corporate event, whether you’re in Denver or Timbuktu. Contact him today!