In our last blog post, we established how beneficial corporate events can be for your company. However, those benefits rely on an important assumption: that your corporate event is actually good. Indeed, it’s not enough just to host an event; it also has to be well-planned and executed. If not, it can actually have the opposite effect — your employees could very well be offended at the lack of care that’s displayed.

That’s why it’s paramount knowing what makes a good corporate event. As one of the country’s best up-and-coming young corporate entertainers, Scotty Wiese has got you covered. Here are some great ways to make your corporate event memorable:

  • Nobody Ever Complains About Free Food: Free food is one of the most foundational aspects of corporate events. Everyone loves free food. Everyone! Sometimes, a good meal alone is enough to significantly increase attendance. Make sure you have a good food plan, whether it’s a full-on catered meal, or a delicious buffet of yummy snacks and finger food.
  • Make the Event Accessible: If your event is an hour away from your workplace, stuck inside a labyrinth of cramped, paid parking, or late in a weekday evening, you’re going to have a bad time. Corporate events aren’t always something that people will put tremendous amounts of energy into attending; the easier you make it for them, the more people you’re likely to see.
  • The Small Details Matter: You don’t have to be a party-planning expert to throw a good event, but it’s important to remember the small details. Decoration. Invitations. The look and feel of tables. The music. If you don’t have a good sense of these things, you can always hire someone who does. But if people feel like you didn’t care about making the event feel nice, they’re likely to feel disappointed.
  • Hire the Right Corporate Entertainer: It’s important not to limit yourself by hiring a one-trick-pony performer. If their act falls flat, you’ve got a night of awkwardness on your hands. Fortunately, Scotty Wiese has got you covered. Scotty is a charismatic young performer who excels in many different acts. He can be your master of ceremonies, put on a killer magic show, provide quality comedic entertainment, or a mix of all three.
  • Make it Stress-Free: One of the best parts of corporate events is that it gives your workers an opportunity to engage with people in the workplace without the stress of actually being at work. These events should be opportunities for people to de-stress. Don’t put pressure on people to come, or provide workplace incentives (or consequences) for what they do at the event. This should be a place to let loose.

Corporate Entertainer for Hire

Scotty Wiese, more than anyone, knows how to make an event memorable for everybody in attendance. While he’s located in Denver, Scotty will make the trip to anywhere in the country, and you can bet he’ll leave an amazing impression on your workers. Are you ready to hire the best young corporate entertainer in the country? Call Scotty Wiese today to get started.