Scotty Wiese was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He is a world class entertainer and performs shows all across North America and various parts of the world. 

One of Scotty's main philosophies is that he values every relationship he encounters in life. Whether it is his family or his clients, Scotty considers every individual he knows a personal friend. This welcoming outlook is a key reason why Scotty's clients hire him year after year and is why they do not view him simply as a price-tag on their event books; instead, they consider Scotty family. 

Early Magic and Career : Scotty was six years old when he began pursuing his passion for magic. His first live performance was at age nine for a college graduation party in Denver. Since then, Scotty has performed for countless high- profile celebrities, for internationally recognized musicians such as Luke Bryan, at hundreds of Fortune 500 corporate events, and at many other private events 

Currently, Wiese produces and performs his weekly stage show, "Mile High Magic" in downtown Denver (Tickets: scottymagicshow.com) 

Scotty's Unique Passion : What makes Scotty's magic so unique, according to his clients, is the tremendous way he blends magic and his life experiences to tell stories, form a community, and motivate others to chase their own dreams. It's not just a show; Scotty Wiese brings you on a magical journey that will make you laugh, be thoroughly entertained, and inspire you to follow your own passion. You may have a notion of what a magician is; however, Scotty will certainly change your perspective on what world class entertainment looks like in today's age. One of Scotty's primary goals in life is to influence others to succeed in their own career. After meeting Scotty and viewing his show, you and your guests are guaranteed to become inspired to chase your own passion. 

Volunteer Work : In addition to performing professionally, Scotty continually gives back to his communities by volunteering his magic for numerous non- profits in order to help inspire others, make their day, and change the world. Scotty describes his philosophy on magic: "It has the power to put a smile on your face and bring that child-like sense of wonder to anyone. I don't want to just fool my audience with a card trick. I want to entertain them for hours and help them forget about personal or work problems. If I can make a business person or a family forget about their issues at the office or at home, that makes my day, because I just want people to have a good time, laugh, and be inspired." Wiese is an ambassador for St. Jude's and raised over $5,000 through his Magic Monday inspirational postings on Instagram. Scotty also uses this outlook on magic when he performs for underprivileged families at Clothes To Kids to amuse them while they shop or when he amazes donors and encourages them to support these families. He also promotes inclusivity for Best Buddies at their various events. Best Buddies Colorado presented Scotty with an award for all of his involvement in their activities. Additionally, Scotty volunteers at A Stronger Cord, a Denver nonprofit that unites people from all walks of life with wellness opportunities and community service. Their motto is that together people can achieve goals and overcome challenges. Scotty uses his magic and inspirational public speaking to provide these individuals entertainment and encourage them to work hard and continually chase their dreams. 

"The Magic Man" on the Basketball Court and the Race Course : Besides being a professional magician, Scotty was a three-year varsity player on one of the perennial top high school basketball teams in the State of Colorado. Asa senior captain, Scotty was one of the team's leading scorers and arguably the best shooter in all of Colorado. He was also named Tournament MVP of the competitive Five Star Camp in California in June 2016. In 2017, Scotty was a practice player for the DI Santa Clara University Basketball team, where he scrimmaged and helped the team everyday at practices and games. Even on the court, Scotty performed magic in the locker room to relax other players and coaches before games and after intense practices. Recently, Scotty performed for numerous college and professional sports players.


Scotty is a marathon runner and triathlete as well. In 2019, he ran the Colfax Marathon and completed the Arizona Ironman 70.3. He finished in the top 10 in his age group in both races. If you love basketball or sports, Scotty will be sure to 
include a sports magic routine into your next event. (You never know, he might make Michael Jordan appear.)