Scotty Wiese is a magician and human-connection speaker. He delivers jaw-dropping and impactful shows and keynotes for companies and colleges across the globe.

With years of performing as a magician and training as a "human connection" expert, Scotty effortlessly blends a captivating and memorable presentation that will inspire and produce exceptional results for your attendees.

One of Scotty's main philosophies is that he values every relationship he encounters in life. Whether it is his family or his clients, Scotty considers every individual he knows a personal friend. This welcoming outlook is a key reason why Scotty's clients hire him year after year and is why they do not view him simply as a price-tag on their event books; instead, they consider Scotty family. 

After being disappointed with the lack of connection in today's digital world, Scotty worked with dozens of experts in fields from psychology, sociology, marketing, and business in order to develop his highly sought after keynote, The Transformative Power of Human Connection

He asked himself, "Is it possible for more genuine connections in the workplace to truly improve the bottom line? Can we improve our health, productivity, quality of work, and the enjoyment of life simply by connecting with others more?

After viewing Scotty's keynote or show, your attendees will KNOW this is true and seek out connections daily leading to wonderful results, individually and on a company-wide basis.

Scotty's biggest passion is bringing out the connection in others. Simply watch Scotty at one of his events and you will see a tired 9AM crowd turn into a sea of smiles, laughs, and connections



Volunteer Work:

In addition to speaking professionally, Scotty continually gives back to his communities by volunteering for numerous non- profits in order to help inspire others, change the world, and bring out more connections in his community.


Scotty is an ambassador for St. Jude's and raised over $5,000 through his inspirational postings on social media.


He also promotes inclusivity for Best Buddies at their various events. Best Buddies Colorado presented Scotty with an award for all of his involvement in their activities.


Additionally, for the last five years, Scotty has spoken and volunteered at various events for A Stronger Cord, a Denver nonprofit that unites people from all walks of life with wellness opportunities and community service. Their motto is that together people can achieve goals and overcome challenges.


Scotty tries to embody all of these great organizations in his performing, while encouraging others to truly connect and change lives...