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The Transformative Power of Human Connection: From a Professional Magician

Ideal Audience: General Audiences, Leadership Groups, Salespeople, Mid-Level Managers

Available Formats: Keynote

Program Reviews:

"l hired Scotty Wiese for a corporate event 
hosting over 6,000 attendees and he 
did a phenomenal job. He was super 
interactive and engaging. I 
would definitely recommend him for 
future events and look forward to 
working with him again!" 

Twinkle Huang, Senior Internal Events 



"Run to the phone and book him now... He's definitely worth the money at any event you may have, people will be talking about his program for weeks afterwards."

Mike Hough

Kapaa Business Association

Board President

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"WOW, FANTASTIC, AMAZING! What more can I say. The team members were awed by his human connection presentation. I highly recommend him." 

James Rainey

Wind Creek Hospitality 


"Scotty's program brought the crowd at the Colorado Self Storage Association meeting to their feet! He is AMAZING!"

Cassie Thomas

Colorado SSA

Conference Planner

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While technology has improved much of our work and increased the quantity of our relationships, the QUALITY of our connections has drastically decreased. Email, social media, and increased screen time all contribute to the loss of our biggest advantage: human connection

In a post-pandemic world, Scotty believes human connection is even more important than ever as we progress forward.

After over a year of isolation, Scotty updated his most popular keynote to address the growing problems of a lack of human connection. This program explores why human connection is the backbone of your organization, employee efficiency, and ultimately, your success. 


Your attendees will learn how to increase productivity, happiness, and their quality of work after actively participating in this program.

Unfortunately, a recent study showed that more than 3 in 5 Americans are lonely: "Workplace culture may contribute to Americans' loneliness." - Cigna

When workers feel disconnected and lonely:

  • They are less motivated

  • Their results are subpar

  • Two times as likely to miss work due to illness

  • Five times as likely to miss work due to stress

  • Loneliness can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

While this may seem hopeless, you can easily build a community of connection where employees feel motivated, connected, and inspired to produce excellent results.

When your attendees participate in "The Transformative Power of Human Connection," they will leave with a revolutionary understanding of connections, leading to better work relationships, unparalleled results, and a notable bottom line difference... Scotty creatively engages every attendee in a way no other keynote can. Your attendees will witness memorable storytelling, magic, and lessons, leading to a refreshed and motivated perspective on the power of human connections at work. 

"I want to watch an hour PowerPoint presentation from a monotone speaker"

- No Attendee Ever

Instead of dreading an hour program with hundreds of bullet points, your staff will be on the edge of their seats. Scotty closes out every keynote with his jaw-dropping "Human Connection" magic routine leaving attendees smiling, laughing, learning, and loving every minute.

Everyone will leave refreshed with a new mindset and techniques they can apply every day to help themselves and your organization.

Program Outcomes:

First of all, you will be thanked and praised. Scotty is the highest-rated speaker at every event. Your attendees will leave motivated to create more human connections and ultimately, astounding results at work. And of course, they will thank you for booking the best speaker they have ever seen.

After Scotty's program, your attendees will...

  • Increase their quality of work and productivity

  • Engagemotivate, and improve camaraderie with every co-worker and client/patient they meet

  • Appreciate the critical importance of human connection at work and home, especially as remote work becomes the norm

  • Be able to implement the new human connection techniques they learn immediately 

  • Be happier, more productive, and produce exceptional results, leading to an attractive work environment and satisfied clients

  • Bring a renewed sense of purpose and energy to work


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