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Why Scotty's Clients Recommend Him For Every Event

A Young-Upbeat Speaker

No matter the event or topic, every colleague dreads that boring 60-minute keynote. Scotty blends his talents as a professional magician to engage and educate even the most sophisticated and skeptical audiences. 

Working with a Professional

The last thing you need when planning an event is to worry about the speaker. Scotty guarantees you will have an enjoyable and hassle-free association working with him. No need to stress about missed calls, late arrivals, or a sub-par speech. You'll be booking a reputable professional to ensure your event's success. 


For over five years, Scotty has worked with hundreds of companies, ranging from local business to Fortune 500 Companies. If anything unexpected occurs at your next event, you will be dealing with an esteemed professional who can overcome any unforeseen barrier with his years of training and speaking experience.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Scotty's philosophy is to make sure every attendee has a memorable and impactful adventure, including you! According to his clients, Scotty will transform any mundane conference into an unforgettable event and your attendees will thank YOU for booking him. Due to his creativity and presentation, Scotty will change your perspective on what a keynote can be. 

Scotty’s Presentation is Unique and Memorable

Your attendees are guaranteed to remember Scotty’s keynote 5 years down the road due to his irresistible personality, mind-blowing mentalism, and powerful messages. Why spend loads of money on a keynote your staff will forget tomorrow? His program is the hit of every conference...

"Members of our team still reference Scotty’s keynote from 2019. He will provide practical and useful tools your staff can use everyday to ensure better human connection, productivity, and yearly goals. Highly recommended Scotty’s speaking for ANY event." - Colorado SSA

Scotty’s Message is Essential

He will teach relevant techniques to increase human connection, productivity, and happiness at work. This means a more attractive workplace, extremely effective employees, and a better bottom line.

Proven Change & Results

Your staff will remember, change their mindset, and act on Scotty’s program because it is not only educational, but every member remembers the content due to Scotty’s performance style and emotional magic routine/stories. Scotty has worked with top neuroscientists to study the ideal way audiences remember and take action on information. They discovered that emotional charged events (such as Scotty’s magic/stories) help audiences remember your message and act on it. 


I am looking forward to helping make your next keynote truly impactful, meaningful, and unforgettable for your attendees!

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