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Bringing Magic To Your next Event


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Need A Captivating Entertainer For Your Next Campus Event? 

If you want an incredible performer who's sure to connect with your student audience, you need not look any further than Scotty Wiese. Scotty puts on an incredible act that's infused with comedy, charm, charisma, and of course, some of the most mind-blowing magic and mentalism you'll ever see. 

Scotty will immediately relate to the countless young adults and professors alike on your college or university campus. Being a young adult himself, he brings a modern and hip flair to the art of performance magic, having an exceptional talent for making people feel at ease with smiles on their faces. 



• Stage or Parlor Show: Scotty's stage act will provide an experience that won't soon be forgotten to the students and other guests of your campus event — rich with humor, interaction, and incredible magic acts. 
• Close-Up Strolling Magic: Every event needs an ice-breaker. If you hire Scotty for strolling magic, he'll interact with guests on a one-on-one basis, performing sensational magic feats and otherwise entertaining them with unique stories and a charming personality. 
• Master of Ceremonies: If you need a host or a speaker for your event, don't bore your young adult audience with someone dull. Scotty Wiese can provide M.C. services which will captivate and engage everyone in attendance. 

As an administrator at a college or university, you no doubt host countless events at your school. Colleges are an amazing venue for all kinds of unique events to happen, from award ceremonies to special shows or high-profile speakers. Whatever the event, it's always useful to have a quality entertainer on-board, and that's why you should consider Scotty Wiese — the incredible up-and- 
coming magician in Colorado! 

However, to call Scotty a "magician" alone is selling his services short. Scotty's magic acts are mind-blowing and absolutely unforgettable, but he also provides humor, charm, and witty charisma in his shows. Additionally, he can provide casual strolling magic or act as Master of Ceremonies at your event. 

But, if there's one thing you can expect no matter what, it's that Scotty will form a rich connection with the audience at your school or university. Scotty is a young adult himself and is exceptional at creating a relatable and engaging act for 
today's generation of students. No matter which way you look at it, you can't go wrong with Scotty Wiese.
Book him for an appointment today! 


"l highly recommend Scotty for any function because he will provide top notch entertainment that your guests will remember for years to come!" 

Bill Carr

Santa Clara University 


"Scotty's magic brought out a sense of wonder and amazement that I hadn't felt in a long time. I've seen him in multiple settings and the wow factor never decreases." 

Jeff Lacy

Denver East High School Teacher / Mentor 



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